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What about the 17 fitness training suits? The

by:XinXing     2020-06-23
   Recently, the whole army has successively distributed a batch of new quilts, especially new physique training suits, woven inner belts, cloth shoes, individual tents and other quilts, which have been welcomed by comrades.      Why develop long-sleeved physical training suits? In fact, many comrades who have been soldiers know that it is a bit cold to wear 07 physical training suits during spring and autumn physical training, but it is too hot to wear physical training in camouflage clothes. Can you have a new physical training suit to fill short-sleeved physical training? What about the security gap between clothing and camouflage? This is the expectation of many officers and men.    Just a few days ago, 17 long-sleeved physical training suits burst into the circle of friends of comrades. There are several issues that officers and soldiers need to pay attention to when wearing long-sleeved physical training suits. Everyone is very concerned. The author has collected the latest authoritative information for everyone to answer.   ①How to wear 17 long-sleeved physical training clothes?   Long-sleeved fitness training suit is the first time this year is equipped with a quilted product worn by all soldiers. The long-sleeved fitness training suit is mainly used for spring and autumn physical training and extracurricular (amateur) activities.   ②What are the characteristics of 17 long-sleeved physical training suits?    This physical training suit fabric has elasticity, high outer layer strength, good abrasion resistance, comfortable inner layer body feeling, fabric with unidirectional moisture absorption, moisture absorption and perspiration, good hygienic performance. The clothing style is simple in design and fit. The top is a long-sleeved stand-up lapel jacket, and the bottom is a corset and open-leg trousers, which is convenient for sports.   The officers and soldiers who got their hands said: '17 long-sleeved physical training clothes, the clothes are very beautiful and handsome, and they are very comfortable to wear!'    ③How to maintain 17 long-sleeved fitness training clothes?   Comrades should avoid scratching when wearing them. Wash after a large amount of exercise. Do not use hot water to scald. When drying, face the outside and avoid prolonged exposure.   At the same time, the woven inner belts, cloth shoes, individual tents and other quilts were distributed with the 17 long-sleeved physical training suits. The author will show everyone the photos.      17 Individual soldier tents can provide a good camping environment for individual soldiers in the wild, with functions such as windproof, rainproof, and mosquito-proof      Single sleeping bag has the characteristics of small size, light weight, windproof, warm, water-repellent, and moisture permeability, and the fabric has flame retardant function.      17 The light and cold-proof shoes have simple and elegant style, moderate warmth of the finished shoes, and have the characteristics of antibacterial and deodorizing, non-slip and durable, light and comfortable.      17 cloth shoes can soothe the fatigue of officers and soldiers' feet caused by training and combat. The design is novel, the style is simple, the wear is soft, light, breathable, and no smell       Braided inner belt is used in conjunction with training clothing, with high strength and durability, flame retardant function
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