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What are the advanced technologies of special

by:XinXing     2020-09-21
Special police are a kind of special forces in the police. They perform extremely dangerous tasks all day long. So which special police equipment can ensure the safety of themselves and the people when they perform their tasks? What are the more advanced technologies? Let's discuss it with XINXING police equipment:

1. Special police ladder truck: You can directly send the investigator to the incident floor, don't take detours, you can save more time to rescue the hostages.

Special police ladder car

2. Anti-riot armored vehicle: It is a mobile sniper platform. Even if there is a wall in front, it can rush and break through the wall.

Riot armored vehicle

3. Armored personnel carrier: It is amphibious and can easily cross even a trench with a width of 1 meter. There is also a shovel on the body, which can quickly remove obstacles over 1.5 tons. All four tires were blown out and he could continue to glide forward 100 kilometers at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour.

Armored personnel carrier

4. Type 88 sniper rifle: Even if it is 100 meters away, it can be shot at any position.

Type 88 sniper rifle

V. Undercarriage inspector: There are 4 wheels, ipad-sized black metal box shape. The special police can use the remote control to control the robot to quickly drill into the bottom of the vehicle for EOD inspection. It can quickly find dangerous explosives, weapons and drugs hidden on the chassis of the car.

Undercarriage inspector

Sixth, drug tester: only need to put liquid or powder drugs and other chemicals into the front glass tank, the rear display can quickly and accurately read the composition.

Drug tester

7. Laser dazzling device: It has a laser port on its head, which can be dizzy just by shaking it in front of the criminals' eyes. If you stare at the dazzling device for 5 seconds, it can cause permanent blindness.
Laser Dazzler

8. Hose scope: a camera with 2mm and 6mm diameter lenses. The hose can shuttle in a small space, rotate and bend at will, and take pictures. In actual combat, this set of equipment can facilitate the SWAT team members to understand the situation in the house through the cracks in the doors and windows.

Hose speculum

Nine. Wall-through radar: Stick this 'big guy' with two handles on the wall, and the radar signal can penetrate a 20 cm thick wall, marking the location of the people in the house with red dots.

Through-wall radar

10. EOD Tool Set: It is an indispensable tool used by EOD personnel to dismantle suspicious explosives. They are made of non-magnetic material, copper-beryllium alloy, which can avoid sparks caused by magnetism and cause explosion.
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