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What are the advantages of stab-resistant clothing?

by:XinXing     2020-05-07
Anti-stab clothing is a kind of clothing that can effectively block the attacks of thorns, cuts and chopping of cold weapons such as knives and daggers, and comprehensively protect the body from drying and viscera from harm. According to the different stab-resistant materials, it can be divided into the following three kinds of stab-resistant clothing: 1. Hard stab-resistant clothing, the material is a stacked tower metal stab-resistant plate; 2. Soft 03 standard stab-resistant clothing, the stab-resistant material is super high Molecular weight polyethylene fiber felt; 3. Soft 08 standard stab-resistant clothing. The stab-resistant material is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composite sheet. So what are the advantages of anti-stab clothing? Why do duty officers need to wear stab-resistant clothing when they enforce the law? XINXING police equipment will be discussed with you: 1. Anti-cutting: The special woven structure plus the excellent performance of ultra-high-strength fiber makes this garment have anti-cutting function. 2. Anti-cutting: ultra-high-strength fiber high-density weaving, A special process is used to form a soft force-bearing group, which can prevent cuts. 3. Anti-stab: anti-stab ability is greater than 500 Newton. 4. Anti-theft: the blade cannot cut the anti-cut layer, and the items in the pocket of the clothing can prevent theft. : Double-thread sewing with ultra-high-strength fiber thread to ensure the cut-proof level of the seam, not easy to damage, not easy to tear. Six, large area: 0.7 to 1.2 square meters, the protective area is greater than 4 soft stab-resistant clothing, stab-resistant vest 、 Protection area of ??stab-resistant clothing VII. Light weight: 0.65 kg, excellent mobility 8. Thin thickness: does not affect the flexibility of the body. After wearing the jacket, it is the same as normal clothing. The concealed and powerful home can be based on different requirements. Choose stab-resistant clothes of different stab-resistant materials and use them correctly, so as to protect your own safety!
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