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What are the anti-riot equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-25
Anti-riot equipment is a special weapon for riot police or public security officers when performing public security and anti-riot work, so as to effectively and quickly quell riots, solve emergencies that endanger public security, maintain public order, and ensure social harmony and safety. So what are the anti-riot equipment? What role does it play in real life?

Anti-riot clothing: Mainly used in the field of preventing large-scale riots and anti-riot work. Anti-riot clothing can effectively resist attacks from knives, stones, etc., effectively combat crimes, and improve police deterrence and combat effectiveness.

Riot shield: It plays a very important role. Generally, its material is made of PC/ABS or aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of shock resistance and light weight. It can well resist sudden attacks or collisions at the riot scene, and is a kind of protective equipment.

Anti-riot sticks: Generally used when the gangsters have obvious resistance or want to harm other personnel, it can help public security officers to better law enforcement.

Riot helmet: mainly used for head and face protection, generally used for riot personnel wearing heavy equipment.

Anti-riot steel fork: This tool can not only ensure the safety of the personnel on duty, but also effectively subdue the criminals, and can avoid personal injury to the criminals.
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