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What are the commonly used single police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-20
Single police equipment refers to the basic personal equipment equipped by law enforcement officers in the process of on-duty and law enforcement, including batons, handcuffs, glare flashlights, police kettles, police-standard knives, tear gas jets, walkie-talkies, stab-resistant clothing, and police Equipment kits and more. According to different work requirements, different combinations of single police equipment are selected to complete the task. Commonly used single police equipment includes the following products:

Mechanical baton (throwing baton): Police equipment used for self-defense, dispersal or control of criminal suspects when the police enforce the law.

Mechanical stick

Handcuffs: Convenient to carry, it is a police tool suitable for the police to arrest and escort criminal suspects, and belongs to restraint equipment.

Metal handcuffs K-AH

Strong light flashlight: The design with enhanced waterproof and shockproof functions enables the torch to be used normally after being immersed in one meter of water for one hour, and can also be used normally after a drop of 3 meters. The switch design adopts the most advanced front-planted light touch digital control technology, which can make the torch cycle in weak light, strong light, and flashing, and is equipped with a dedicated car charger. All chargers are equipped with charging conversion indicating device.

Police flashlight S AH.jpg

Police kettle: stainless steel inner and outer tank. Compression and sealing, good vacuum insulation function.

Police kettle.jpg

Police standard knife: It has many practical functions such as cutting, puncturing, chopping, sawing, shearing, and multifunctional screwdriver. Special police can use police standard knives to conduct self-defense, destroy glass, remove obstacles and other activities. It is one of the top ten special polices in China.

Police standard knife DJ-AH.jpg
Tear gas ejector: immediately stop all actions of the other party. The person who is sprayed on it keeps tearing eyes, sneezing and coughing, and the respiratory tract is like fire, which is extremely uncomfortable, but it will not cause any harm. The ingredients contained are natural strong stimulants such as pure pepper extract and mustard extract, which have no organic toxic and side effects on the human body.

Tear gas jet

First aid kit: It is a kind of simple and portable first aid equipment for police officers who are in need of emergency and temporary rescue when they suffer minor injuries during duty and training.

Police first aid kit.jpg

Police multifunctional belt: According to the material, it is divided into leather and nylon. It is mainly composed of main body belt, oblique lanyard and equipment cover (handcuff cover, walkie talkie cover, bright flashlight cover, police work bag, police water bottle cover, baton cover, pistol cover, tear gas sprayer cover).

Single police belt YAH-01 (eight piece set)
Anti-cut gloves: police protective equipment used to prevent harmful attacks. It is a protective police equipment with anti-cutting functions.

Cut-resistant gloves KF-2

Police equipment bag: It is made of special materials and technology, so it has the functions of waterproof, rainproof, high and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance.
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