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What are the components of the EOD suit?

by:XinXing     2020-09-27
EOD suits are special clothing that protect EOD experts from overpressure, debris, shock waves and other injuries that may be suffered during the EOD process. Anwar police equipment is the agent of the British MK5 EOD suit. The EOD suit consists of tops and pants, water-cooled suits, helmets, neck protection panels, chest protection panels, battery boxes, ventilation fan control boxes, communication headsets, and high frequency The radio transceiver communication system is composed. The radio communication equipment attached to the EOD suit is safe and reliable, no radiation, no signal leakage, and anti-interference will not trigger the wireless remote control explosive detonation device.

The chest protection board and the belly crotch protection board in the top of the EOD suit are connected reliably and can play an effective protective role. The erected protective collar works together with the helmet, mask, and upper collar to provide multiple protections for EOD personnel. The suspenders and waist belt of the EOD suit can be adjusted.

The protective mask equipped with the helmet has high light transmittance, smooth curvature, and no vertigo for EOD personnel. The sound of radio communication equipment is clear within the effective distance, which effectively guarantees the communication between EOD personnel and command personnel. The ventilation fan equipped with the helmet has a good cooling and defogging function, which effectively keeps the sight of the EOD personnel clear. The neck protection plate can effectively protect the neck safety of EOD personnel. The tightness of the helmet buckle can be adjusted.

The water-cooled suit is composed of long-sleeved tops, trousers, faceless caps, refrigeration devices, water bottles, battery packs, etc. The heat generated in the body is taken away by circulating ice water to complete special tasks such as EOD operations and cleaning up chemicals; it can be used in conjunction with EOD suits and can be machine washed. Water-cooled clothing made of bulletproof materials (usually used in spacesuits) is resistant to high temperatures and bullets. Excellent refrigeration performance and high working efficiency. The connections between the refrigeration components and parts are reliable, the sealing is good, and there is no leakage of the refrigeration medium.

The MK5 EOD suit is a new product developed on the basis of MK-4 using the most advanced technology. It has been used in many countries and regions across the country. It has the highest anti-explosion rating among all EOD suit series. It also provides users with Maximum comfort and flexibility. The anti-explosion grade and the materials used in the clothing have passed all the quality assurance standards of the relevant government departments, and can be used with confidence!
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