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What are the design features of bulletproof shields?

by:XinXing     2020-09-06
In order to provide good protection for the operatives, the operatives are usually arranged in columns, behind the bulletproof shield, and are usually used when conducting a frontal assault on a besieged target. So why does the bulletproof shield have such a powerful function, and what are the characteristics of the design?

1. The shield adopts curved surface design, reaching the third level of bulletproof level. Usually made of bulletproof materials such as light alloy or polystyrene. Due to its large size, even if lightweight materials are used, the weight is usually 10-15 kg.
2. The horizontally designed handle is helpful for long-term carrying. The distance between the handle and the shield is not less than 7 cm to ensure that when the warhead hits the shield, the deformation will not be compressed.
3. The lower part of the shield is designed with a restricting crossbar to ensure a certain distance between the body and the shield.
4. The supporting points of all additional devices are located on the edge of the shield, so as not to affect the bulletproof ability of the center of the shield.
5. The monitoring window on the shield is made of multi-layer polycarbonate material and is consistent with the curved surface of the shield.

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