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What are the differences in the use of single

by:XinXing     2020-09-17
Single police equipment is the basic equipment for individual police officers in public security organs. China's single police equipment items mainly include police uniforms, truncheons, handcuffs, tear gas jets, bright flashlights, police standard knives, police water bottles, first aid kits, multi-functional belts, anti-cut gloves and other mandatory items, guns, walkie-talkies, There are 15 kinds of optional items such as police pass, stab-resistant clothing and police equipment package.
The police officers we usually see are rarely equipped with guns. They usually have a bright flashlight on the right, a swing stick on the left, handcuffs behind the waist, spray in the bag, and the walkie-talkie does not leave the hand. This configuration can basically cope with most situations, and rarely will be equipped with guns for missions. When encountering gunmen or taking hostages, special police will be sent to deal with them. Armored vehicles, pistols, and submachine guns will all be used, but the probability of such a situation in China is very small.
The police in the United States are different. When patrolling the streets, they always use guns. Because firearms are common in the United States, it is nothing to equip the police with pistols. When they patrol the block, they are usually two partners. Police cars have radios, GPIS, cameras (monitoring), and possibly computers for recording their duties. In addition to a gun and police badge, they also have handcuffs (keys). ,baton.
Once the mission is on, the body armor is worn, shotguns and rifles are held in your hands, because most of the handling by the American police is not related to the gun, and the American police often kill criminals in order to protect themselves. If you encounter a policeman in the United States telling you not to move, you must not make any small movements at this time. Once you make a move that makes them think you want to resist, then you can only take a gun.
Chinese police pay more attention to catching criminals, while American police pay more attention to protecting themselves. Although China's single police equipment is far inferior to the United States, the Chinese police are more reassuring in terms of protecting the safety of the people.
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