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What are the five-piece sets of new single police

by:XinXing     2020-09-13
Over the years, in order to guarantee the mission needs of the police on duty and law enforcement, single police equipment has always appeared in front of everyone in the form of an eight-piece suit. These equipment exerted the greatest effectiveness on the civilian police, and effectively improved their combat effectiveness. As the situation of public security work changes, some equipment is gradually unable to adapt to the actual needs of the frontline, and urgently needs to be updated. With the development of new technologies, materials and processes, it also provides conditions for the improvement and quality improvement of single police equipment.

After years of hard work, the five-piece set of new single police equipment has passed the full use of the national police, and the 'qualified access system' has been implemented. Since then, the new single police equipment has been officially issued.
1. Telescopic baton
The new telescopic baton is a portable metal baton that can be freely stretched. According to the needs of different police types, under the premise of ensuring sufficient strike strength, it is divided into portable type: suitable for concealed carrying by plainclothes police, basic type: suitable for ordinary police daily patrol use, and enhanced type suitable for special police attendance. The new telescopic baton has been tested for anti-dropout, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature, waterproof, tensile, and bending resistance. All results meet the requirements of the baton design standard. It is convenient to release the baton, easy to retract the baton, super striking ability and anti-bending ability, with the baton in hand, where the bad guys go!
2. Bright flashlight
As one of the important single police equipment, the police flashlight can be offensive and defensive as its biggest feature:
1. Close inspection: low light mode, the flashlight glows but does not harm the examiner's eyes;
2. Search and search: 160 lumens of super strong light, high recognition for long-distance illuminated objects, especially for indoor corner gaps and outdoor search;
3. Assault arrest: law enforcement officers can shoot the opponent's eyes directly with the strong light or flashing function at the first time, and the opponent will be temporarily blinded and dizzy in a short time, so we can get the initiative;
4. Close attack: The front end of the strong light flashlight is designed as an attack head, which can play the role of uniform attack and pain.
Three, tear gas ejector
The tear gas jet is a self-defense subduing police device that can act on the eyes, nasal cavity, oral cavity, and bare skin to produce strong irritation. The new type of tear gas sprayer uses OC (capsaicin), which can quickly produce a violent physiological reaction within 1-2 seconds after contact. Compared with the old model, the stimulation effect is greatly improved. The new type increases the volume of the tank and the sachet, and the dose can reach 70ml; the spray distance is more than 5 meters, and the time can last for more than 7 seconds. In addition, there is a thoughtful small design. The ejector bag is made of transparent and corrosion-resistant nylon material, which can accurately and clearly see the remaining amount of the medicine.
Four, metal handcuffs
In order to prevent criminal suspects from escaping, committing crimes, self-injuring or committing other dangerous behaviors when performing their tasks, public security officers shall use the standard handcuffed and locked police equipment applied to them in accordance with the law. This metal handcuffs are made of high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and the world's leading three-tooth independent locking technology, which solves the problems of heavy handcuffs, simple structure, easy silky slip, and poor pull-out resistance. The simple design and the rose gold hue set up the image of a 'fashionable' item in the police world!
Five, multifunctional belt
The belt is divided into white traffic police and black general police, which are developed and produced according to the actual use of law enforcement officers. According to the new standards of the Ministry of Public Security, the multifunctional belt is assembled from the main belt, the inner belt, the diagonal lanyard and the harness cover. The outfit set contains baton cover, bright flashlight cover, work bag, handcuff cover, tear gas spray cover, walkie talkie cover (optional: police water bottle cover, magazine cover, pistol cover). The diagonal lanyard adopts a completely detachable buckle structure, which is more convenient to wear; the design of the inner belt protects the waist of police officers who wear the belt for a long time, and at the same time increases the comfort.
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