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What are the functions of police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-15
Police equipment is a broad term, which includes many types of equipment. XINXING's police equipment categories include: single police equipment, public security special police equipment, police protective equipment, public security prison equipment, traffic safety equipment, basic public security equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, security inspection and explosion equipment, fire rescue equipment, Criminal investigation equipment, defensive electric shock devices, etc., can be divided into several sub-categories. Different police equipment has different functions. So what are the functions of these police equipment? Let's take an example to illustrate:

1. Protection function
Protect the police on duty from injury and prevent equipment damage. There are two main types: individual protection and active defense. There are bulletproof vests, riot helmets, goggles and electronic bulletproof, explosion-proof equipment and so on.

2. Chase block, intercept and arrest functions
The police often carry out the task of chasing, intercepting and intercepting suspected vehicles and suspects, and these are basically close-range operations, making the work dangerous and difficult. Typical cases include the hunting down of suspects in the Panyu banknote car robbery in Guangxi, and the hunting down of suspects in serious cases such as Dong Wenyu and Ma Jiajue. The use of modern special equipment for recording, anesthesia, and control can often put the other party in a difficult situation to complete the task smoothly. Mainly responsible for this function are electric batons, electric shock pistols, glare flashlights, noise bombs, deflagration bombs, smoke bombs, dye bombs, anesthesia devices, catch nets (net guns), rubber bullets, roadblocks, and so on.

Three, observation, search and rescue functions
In many cases, the police are responsible for search and rescue, pursuit and escape, and rescue of hostages. The typical ones are to rescue people in danger from climbing or falling into the water, and to investigate complex terrain. New types of aircraft, special police cars and functional appliances such as climbing and cutting are used for such tasks.

Four, driving function
In order to prevent the intensification of crowd gathering activities and lead to extreme events, it is used when groups with violent tendencies need to be lifted. Such as tear gas, high-pressure water gun, water cannon and so on.

There are many functions of police equipment. The above is only a small part of our company's list. More functions can be gradually discovered in practice!
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