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What are the functions of the multifunctional

by:XinXing     2020-09-26
The multifunctional anti-riot police baton is an anti-riot equipment that integrates lighting functions, far and near glass breaking functions, tear gas uniform functions, and telescopic baton functions. It involves police equipment in the field of police and security equipment. It is easy to carry, can meet a variety of needs, and has multiple uses.

It mainly includes anti-riot police batons and functional accessories. It is characterized in that the anti-riot police baton is divided into three sections, including a middle section and two extension batons connected at both ends of the middle section. The middle section is a hollow structure, and the middle part and the inner walls of both ends are provided with Thread; both ends of the middle section are connected with an extension rod through a thread. The outer diameter of the extension rod is not greater than the diameter of the inner wall of the middle section. A thread is provided on the outer wall of one end of the extension rod. There are hard rubber sleeves or connected with functional accessories. It can meet various requirements such as uniforms and beatings. Without changing the conventional baton strike capability, the multifunctional anti-riot baton integrates a variety of anti-riot functions and is a non-lethal weapon that can achieve a combination of near and far strikes.
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