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What are the inside of the police eight-piece

by:XinXing     2020-05-25
Single police equipment mainly includes police uniforms, truncheons, handcuffs, tear gas jets, glare flashlights, police standard knives, police water bottles, first aid kits, multifunctional belts, anti-cut gloves and other necessary items, as well as guns, interphones, police There are 15 items including communication, anti-stab suits and multi-functional police equipment package options. The civilian police will be equipped with corresponding police equipment according to the work requirements of different types of police. ??The eight-piece belt for police is developed and produced according to the actual use of law enforcement personnel. According to the latest standard requirements of the Ministry of Public Security, the main body of the belt is made of nylon or leather. It consists of a buckle, main belt, diagonal strap body and eight harness sets. The accessories can be disassembled and selected freely. Q: What is the eight-piece police belt set? Answer: Handcuffs, telescopic batons, walkie-talkies, chili sprays, strong flashlights, police bags (anti-cut gloves), police kettles and police knives. Q: What is the order of wearing the eight-piece police equipment set? Answer: According to the wearing specifications, the single police equipment worn on the multifunctional belt, from the belt buckle, from left to right: handcuffs, intercom, strong flashlight, first aid kit, police water bottle, baton, police standard knife , Tear gas ejector.
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