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What are the methods of using arm shields?

by:XinXing     2020-09-15
Lightweight, defensible, attackable, controllable, and window-breakable. It provides strong protection for the police in action. It does not require special training. It can be used well by directly using the human instinct. It is a highly recommended protective equipment! So what are the ways to use the arm shield? Anhua police equipment is explained from the following aspects:
Arm shield strength: In short, the arm shield is a protective shield used on the arm. No matter how sharp the other side is to cut the arm shield, it will not be hurt at all, and it can protect the human body from harm.
The window breaking performance of the arm shield: The arm shield can break the windows of the vehicle very well. When the criminals are about to drive away, they can use the arm shield to break through the windows of the vehicle and catch the criminals.
Arm shields and batons can be used together: in the process of fighting with gangsters, they can be used with batons. Arm shields are used for protection, and batons are used for attacks. Good cooperation can make the arm shields have the greatest effect!
The above only explains part of the use of the arm shield, you can use the arm shield according to your needs in daily life!
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