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What are the precautions for making riot suits?

by:XinXing     2020-09-22
The use of anti-riot suits is related to the safety of users, so each parameter standard must be up to standard when making, and use according to certain requirements. So there are many things to pay attention to when making riot suits! Let's discuss it together!

Material: Anti-riot clothing is composed of front chest, back protection, shoulder protection, upper arm protection, forearm protection (elbow), thigh protection, calf protection and gloves, etc. It is used to protect the human body, upper limbs, and lower limbs. Kind of personal protective equipment. It is made of non-toxic, flame-retardant materials, and uses advanced buffer technology to set up a ventilation system, which will not feel stuffy due to long-term wear.

Wear: When designing riot suits, it is necessary to consider the convenience and speed of putting on and taking off, so that riot personnel can quickly enter the working state. Because the connection structure of the riot suit is reasonable, it can be dressed neatly in 2 minutes, which has an advantage over other combat clothing.

Stab-resistant performance: Anti-riot clothing must have a certain level of stab-resistant performance, so it must be made strictly in accordance with the standard when making it, so that it can prevent the 20J kinetic energy from penetrating vertically after the knife tip does not penetrate the protective layer. This is an important point.

High and low temperature impact resistance: When the anti-riot suit is made, it must be made in accordance with the parameter standards so that it can withstand the impact of high temperature +55℃+-2℃ and low temperature -20℃+-2℃.

When making anti-riot suits, only in strict accordance with the above standards can they achieve the best results when used in real life. Anti-riot personnel are dangerous when performing tasks, so they must be worn for their own safety and the safety of others. Standard anti-riot products.
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