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What are the problems with riot shields?

by:XinXing     2020-09-11
The anti-riot shield is a beneficial protective gear for the public security armed police officers and soldiers to perform anti-riot missions to protect themselves and avoid being injured by uncomfortable people. Over the years, although riot shields have been updated several times, their use functions are limited to their protective functions. At present, riot shields still have the following problems:
1. There is no mutual relationship between shields and shields, and users with low strength cannot get the support of neighboring shield holders.
2. Without steel nails, it is not easy to protect when the rioters are pushing and shoving.
3. It is inconvenient to lift the shield by hand when moving on the ground.
4. There is no better way to fight back against the violent at close range, the physical means to fight back are not enough, and the violent at a distance cannot be hit back without harm, etc.
Although anti-riot shields currently have these problems, I believe that the continuous innovation and reform of Jiangsu Anhua police equipment will definitely overcome all kinds of problems and make the use value of anti-riot shields more complete!
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