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What are the purposes of police riot shields?

by:XinXing     2020-06-25
There are various anti-riot shields currently on the market, and there are also many police-related ones. Today, the use of police anti-riot shields is popularized. Different materials for police anti-riot shields are used for different purposes. Let's talk about the commonality and uniqueness of their uses for different police anti-riot shields. 1. Common use The anti-riot shield is a protective function with a large protective area. As shown in the following figure, it can be blocked in front of the law enforcement personnel as a striker to prevent the opponent's advance and attack, and can block acid-based liquids, sand, sticks and other types of attacks. 2. Use of protective firearms For example, bulletproof shields can block bullets during a frontal attack, reducing the possibility of personal injury. 3. Offensive use For example, the tear shield has a click button that can release tears larger than 3 meters. While protecting, it can also surprise the other party. There are also shields that can release pulsed high voltage, which is an offensive self-defense defense shield, which makes the opponent temporarily lose its resistance. What are the purposes of police riot shields? 4. Strengthening effect For example, wheeled shields, reinforced shields, etc., belong to the anti-riot shield that strengthens a characteristic.
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