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What are the regulations for the use of riot batons?

by:XinXing     2020-09-26
Riot police batons are tools used by security personnel to restrain illegal criminal acts or violent acts being carried out. They can only be used for self-defense and cannot be used for illegal activities. So under what circumstances can riot police batons be used, and what are the regulations?
1. Riot police batons are self-defense and anti-riot equipment worn by security personnel when performing official duties. They should be kept and used strictly, and should not be loaned to others to prevent equipment being robbed and stolen.
2. Except for work requirements and the approval of superiors, no one is allowed to take the equipment away from the company, wave or slap around at will, and use riot batons when dealing with general problems.
3. In non-emergency situations or when personal safety is not threatened, security personnel shall not use anti-riot batons to attack others with any excuse or reason.
4. All security personnel must strictly implement these regulations, and the parties will be held accountable for irresponsibility, violation of regulations, loss, damage, and injury.
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