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What are the safety requirements for the use of

by:XinXing     2020-09-11
There are many anti-riot equipment, such as anti-riot bombs, batons, shields, etc., all belong to this type of product! General police officers need to master the essentials of anti-riot equipment to lay a good foundation for future duty, combat, training, and handling of emergencies. Certain requirements must be followed during training:
1. Participants must be familiar with the performance, characteristics and protection requirements of chemical agents such as flash, electric shock, detonation equipment and tear gas bombs, marker bombs, and be proficient in their operation and use methods.
2. When carrying out live ammunition throwing or launching, choose a good venue, pay attention to wind direction, and wear protective equipment.
3. Strict discipline during training, strengthen the management of people, bullets, and equipment. It is strictly forbidden to laugh, play, and operate in violation of regulations to avoid accidents.
4. After the training, check the equipment and equipment, collect the remaining ammunition, and clean up the scene.
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