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What are the single police equipment of the traffic

by:XinXing     2020-09-14
It is the bounden duty of traffic police to guide traffic in crowded places. What should I do if I encounter traffic accidents during the guidance process and need to be dealt with urgently? This time the single police equipment comes in handy. So what are the single police equipment of the traffic police?

Traffic police’s single police equipment should include first aid kits, telescopic sticks, handcuffs, tear gas jets, multifunctional belts, glare flashlights, anti-cut gloves, etc. The first aid kits include scissors, glycerin tablets, tourniquet bandages and other first aid items, mainly used For simple accident rescue. They can allow the police to serve the people more humanely while on duty, and at the same time can effectively improve the combat effectiveness and protection capabilities of the public security traffic police in law enforcement, patrol, and prevention.

The above-mentioned single police equipment can make the traffic police freely respond to emergencies on duty. Of course, whistles may be the most used during duty. Most of the anti-riot equipment with protective properties is not used. In the process of performing duties, the masses still abide by the law and actively cooperate.

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