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What are the special body armor?

by:XinXing     2020-09-13
After entering firearms wars such as guns, ancient armors used to block spears, bows and arrows to protect their own safety will be eliminated, but people are still very cautious about their own safety. After continuous research and development, there is the emergence of body armor. !

The development of body armor has gone through several stages, from the initial metal body armor to the light body armor made of manganese steel, and then to the Kevlar body armor, which has experienced a lot of research and technological development. As the elasticity of guns has become more and more advanced, scientists from various countries have also developed some special body armor to prevent:

Anti-electronic body armor: Not only can it be bulletproof, but it can also capture the signal from the incoming shell, and process the interference signal within a few microseconds, so that the shell fuze is deceived and exploded in advance at a distance of several hundred meters from the target.

Spider silk bulletproof vest: a kind of spider called 'Golden Eye' that lives in many countries in Latin America. The silk spit out has very good strength and elasticity. It is an ideal material for making body armor. The US military is researching and developing it, preparing to use artificial methods to produce spider silk, and using biological genetic engineering technology to produce silk fibrin, which is mixed with spider silk to produce 'spider silk bulletproof vests.'

Liquid body armor: British scientists extracted a body armor made of a mixture of fiber and Kevlar from liquid crystal, nicknamed 'bullet-proof custard.' When impacted by bullets, the 'custard' will shrink together, making the structure of Kevlar and other substances more dense, thus achieving a bulletproof effect. Researchers found in the experiment that the bulletproof effect of the new liquid body armor is more than 3 times higher than that of the ordinary Kevlar body armor. At the same time, the thickness of this bulletproof vest is about 45% less than that of ordinary bulletproof vests, which is lighter and smaller, and is more flexible to wear.

The above are some special bulletproof vests organized by XINXING police equipment. If people feel that ordinary bulletproof vests cannot meet the bulletproof needs, they can choose the above bulletproof vests according to their own circumstances!
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