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What are the standards for training uniforms?

by:XinXing     2020-09-07
There are many styles of training uniforms. In the course of combat, you can find that training uniforms have a lot of evolution and development. Then what kind of training uniforms is perfect. In fact, many people have different definitions for the design of training uniforms. So what are the standards for training uniforms?

1. The cost is right
Training uniforms can play a major role in distinguishing the enemy from ourselves. Therefore, it must be globally unified. That is to say, regardless of whether it is a poor place or a rich place, the training uniform is provided by the country. Some developed countries may be military. In the important market of globalization, soldiers can buy better quality clothing than training uniforms from the market, but no country encourages this. Therefore, restrictions must be tightened during the course of combat. Training uniforms are limited in funding. , How much clothes to wear and what kind of clothes to wear, these are very important. You should not blindly consider cost and pursue performance. Of course, sometimes you can choose training clothes based on actual conditions as the entire military clothing. The best thing to consider for unified types is the cost factor. Otherwise, no matter how well you do it, the army may feel that it is meaningless, so it is very important to say that the cost is appropriate.

2. Module combination
Training uniform is a kind of clothing used by soldiers under combat conditions. From the current military, it can be found that they will have a variety of different positions. Therefore, people in different positions basically have different choices of training clothes. Therefore, it is impossible for the same training uniform to meet the needs of all positions. That is to say, the current infantry is no longer suitable for some previous training uniforms. The existing single arms may not be able to meet the combat in these places. Yes, in this case, there must be different requirements for training uniforms. While the existing training uniforms are designed for the system, the system can be designed according to the same size, and different The composition of the accessory bag will also be different. People in different positions can wear a variety of different clothes. By adding different functions, the training uniform can meet the existing needs and reduce the design of various training uniforms. Trouble.

3. Good protection
In the actual design process of the training uniform, it is necessary to provide a good protection for the people on the battlefield, so that they can effectively maintain the probability of their survival on the battlefield. Of course, as a cold weapon training uniform, its function is actually They are still very powerful, and the current weapons are also very hard, which also puts forward more brand-new requirements for training uniforms, and their protective functions should be more prominent. Training uniforms must have good camouflage. Some characteristics can be found in these uniforms. Slowly during the manufacturing or carrying process of training uniforms, there are also clothes of different colors. They can satisfy the needs of modern soldiers. need.
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