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What are the types of electric batons?

by:XinXing     2020-09-20
Police batons are special batons used by police when performing official duties. Police batons are divided into electric batons, telescopic batons, plastic batons, and so on. Each kind of baton can exert different effects in use to maximize the suppression of criminals. There are many types of each kind of baton. What is it like? Today we will analyze the electric baton first!

The electric baton is mainly composed of high-performance batteries. The external structure is mainly made of engineering special plastic insulation materials. Generally, there are one or several pairs of metal electric shock heads at the front of the product, and there is an electric shock safety switch at the back. Press the electric shock switch, that is Can produce a strong electric shock. After the electric shock, the whole body will be numb, and there will be no strength, and then no ability to continue to do evil.

Electric batons are divided into DC type and pulse type. The DC type belongs to the high voltage and high current type, and the electric shock is strong. Moreover, DC products are not afraid of humidity and are of good quality. They can still be used after being exposed to humidity or rain. When it rains, the waterproof electric torch can still be shocked by picking it up to wipe off the water. The shock intensity of the pulse type is smaller than that of the DC type, and the product belongs to the high voltage and low current type. This type of electric baton is afraid of moisture, so it should be placed in a dry place as much as possible on rainy days.
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