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What are the types of tactical gloves?

by:XinXing     2020-09-18
Tactical gloves first originated in Japan. They were a kind of self-defense equipment necessary for ninjas at that time. The gloves contained offensive weapons such as darts and steel claws. During World War II, Germany carried out further research and development in tactical gloves, and tactical gloves with multiple functions such as shock resistance, slip reduction, and frost resistance appeared successively. So what types of tactical gloves are currently under continuous development? The following will be explained by Anhua police equipment:

Offensive: Offensive tactical glove users can have offensive power in grip and weapon use. The glove itself can cause a certain amount of damage to the enemy. The practicality of this kind of gloves must be completed by professional guidance. Military fans should not try to hurt themselves.

Defensive tactical gloves: Defensive tactical gloves are mainly used in the grip of weapons and the protection of sharp cutting tools such as knives. The main reason is that the shock absorption effect is obvious. Simply put, it is to protect your hands from being hurt by sharp objects. This type is the favorite object of most military fans. It can not only prevent cutting, anti-skid, but also keep warm hands.

Combat type: The combat type of tactical gloves is mainly embodied in the puncture defense against knives and the reduction of cuts. It is a necessary model for the armed police. Compared with the defensive type, the defensive role is more prominent. More targeted!

The above is the current general type of tactical gloves. Users can choose the corresponding type according to their own purposes. I believe that with the above reference, the use of tactical gloves will definitely exert the greatest effect.
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