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What are the types of tactical vests?

by:XinXing     2020-05-05
Tactical vest is a kind of individual combat equipment that can integrate most of the equipment required for personal combat on the body, which is convenient for quickly and easily accessing various equipment in combat. The equipment combinations that may need to be carried in different combat situations are not the same, so we have to choose tactical vests according to the actual situation. So what are the types of tactical vests? The following will be explained by the Anhua police with equipment: Attack: usually carry large reserve ammunition, grenades (fragments, smoke, shock, flash bombs, etc.), tools (break the door, drop, blast, etc.) , Radios, short-barrel shotguns, personal first aid supplies, etc., essential for CQB or CT missions. The above equipment requirements can be easily carried and quickly accessed during operations to cope with the sudden situation and achieve the best attack effect. This type of tactical vest is also the most commonly used tactical vest by the majority of survival game players, and is generally divided into two categories: military and police. Sniper: The general police or military secret service sniper may sometimes perform long-range sniper missions, such as the two snipers described in the Fire Fighter movie. Need to carry a certain amount of ammunition (possible to meet the enemy), record book, long-distance video camera (for surveillance and recording), video communication equipment (which can transmit the recorded video to the command post), dry food, Water, first aid supplies, etc. In addition, special forces that carry out long-range reconnaissance missions will also carry special equipment such as small GPS and satellite communication equipment. Medical care: When performing a task, when the general medical personnel cannot effectively save the injured immediately, the team needs one or more members with emergency medical training. Provide immediate medical care to the injured and stabilize the injured until the medical staff can provide proper first aid. The items carried are mainly weapons, equipment and a large number of first-aid supplies for individuals to perform their tasks. Anti-riots: The special ammunition required for anti-riots is usually larger in caliber than ordinary ammunition, such as tear gas, which is used to disperse the gathered mob. In addition, a fire extinguisher is required to prevent gasoline bomb attacks, tapes or belts, and handcuff replacements. Some of the above items are equipment used by secret service units in real operations and are less likely to be used in survival games. In actual combat, it is not that the stronger the tactical vest is, the better. It is necessary to choose the appropriate tactical vest according to the combat situation at that time!
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