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What are the types of US Marine Corps dresses

by:XinXing     2020-06-17
Blue party dress series: 1. Sergeant blue party dress. The rank armband is different from the ranks of ordinary clothes and blue dress. 2. Blue banquet uniform for female school officer. 3. Admiral blue banquet suit. The officer's vest has a special red color and wears a party hat. 4. School official blue banquet suit. With cloak for banquet. 5. Captain blue banquet suit. The armbands are different from those of generals and school officials. White dress series: 1. Sergeant white simple banquet dress. Its special military rank armband is also on white background 2. All-white dress of the officer. Note that the scarf is golden. 3. The captain's all-white dress. Generally used in summer banquet occasions and major military parade occasions. 4. The female captain's white simple banquet dress. Vests are different from men's. 5. Major white simple banquet dress. Dark blue trousers with black hem. Honor guard dress series: 1. Marine Corps honor guard lieutenant blue dress. Tie the officer's black leather belt. It is characterized by the use of white court pants 2. The mascot of the Marine Corps: a dog with an actual military rank 3. The Marine Corps honor guard soldier wearing a winter dress coat. 4. Soldiers of the Marine Corps Honor Guard, characterized by white trousers. 5. Marine Corps Honor Guard female trumpeter. In the Marine Corps, only the female soldiers of this unit wear large brimmed hats. 6. Male trumpeter of the Marine Corps Honor Guard. Its red jacket is exclusively for military bands. Military band dress series: 1. Male trumpeter of Marine Corps military band. The uniform is more gorgeous than the honor guard's trumpeter. 2. Female flute player of Marine Corps Military Band. The blue skirt is for indoor occasions. 3. The blue dress of the Marine Corps Military Band Commander. 4. The Red Dress of the Marine Corps Military Band Commander. 5. The Red Dress of the Marine Corps Military Band Sergeant Leader. Officer blue dress series: 1. Lieutenant casual dress. This uniform is commonly worn by embassy units. 2. School official blue dress. It is a common dress for general officers. The trousers are blue. 3. The blue dress of the female school officer. 4. The blue dress of the lieutenant. Qualifications are still very shallow. But there are rifle shooter and **shooter badges on the chest. Soldier blue dress series: 1. Soldier blue dress. Usually the pants are blue. 2. Female soldier blue dress. 3. Blue dress for professional sergeant. The sword is used for major occasions. 4. Casual dress for female soldiers. 5. Sergeant casual dress. Usually used for ceremonial guard occasions. Military officer service series: 1. Summer turquoise dress for female lieutenant colonel (short-sleeved khaki shirt) 2. Lieutenant coat 3. Colonel green regular dress. The brim above the Lieutenant Colonel level is decorated with oak leaves. 4. Green lady's uniform. 5. The second lieutenant's knitted woolen sweater. The military rank is not on the khaki collar of the valgus. Soldier's regular clothing series: 1. Soldier summer khaki regular clothing (short-sleeved khaki shirt) 2. Female soldier knitted woolen sweater. Small military rank pinned to the neckline 3. Female soldier summer khaki dress (long-sleeved khaki shirt) 4. Soldier green kimono 5. Soldier summer khaki dress (long-sleeved khaki shirt) Special uniform series: 1. Marine Corps helicopter pilot flight suit 2 3. Signal commander's jumpsuit 3. Marine Corps fixed-wing aircraft flight suit
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