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What can be improved in bulletproof helmets?

by:XinXing     2020-09-11
From ancient times to the present, as a populous country, China has experienced countless wars, large and small, and knows the pain caused by wars. Therefore, we have always called for peace internationally, but military training and military reserves have not slackened for a moment! As the most critical part of the human body, the head must be protected in wars, so bulletproof helmets are an indispensable protective equipment in wars!

Bulletproof helmets have a certain weight due to material problems, which has caused some special forces, PLA, snipers, etc. to give up wearing them when performing tasks, because for them wearing bulletproof helmets will affect speed, increase burden, and expose targets. All these are caused by the weight of the bulletproof helmet itself!

The current bulletproof helmets are constantly improving in this direction. They are not only waterproof, UV resistant, high temperature resistant, but also lighter. As a member of the bulletproof helmet manufacturer, Anwar police equipment will be a solid backup force!
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