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What equipment does the special police have

by:XinXing     2020-09-19
Special police equipment is a kind of police equipment used by special police. As a special type of work, special police always undertake certain special missions, such as rescuing hostages, besieging terrorists or criminals with powerful firepower, etc., the more dangerous they are The task of special police rushed in front.

Special police are also very dangerous due to their special mission content. Therefore, general special police equipment is equipped with practical, complete and sophisticated principles to achieve the best defense effect. The general set of special police equipment includes: bulletproof helmet protection The head, goggles to protect the eyes, bulletproof vests, knee pads, elbow pads, cut-resistant gloves, etc. to protect the body, the waist generally wears a single police eight-piece suit, combat boots, hand-held automatic weapons and other sophisticated equipment , Armed from head to toe, the protection level is particularly strong, and it can effectively defend and attack opponents!

In addition to general special police equipment, special police also need special vehicles, including bulletproof vehicles, interceptors, assault vehicles and equipment transport vehicles. The bulletproof vehicles have the function of defensive guns for close-range shooting and can carry twenty people for emergencies. action! The anti-ballistic vehicle is equipped with anti-stabs on the outside of the bulletproof vehicle, which can conveniently intercept the driving vehicles of criminals. The assault vehicle can quickly and stably transport multiple assault combatants to different combat breaches at the same time, and is bulletproof. Functional configuration such as bunker and front-end camera monitoring.

Special police equipment and special vehicles are necessary equipment for special police officers to participate in the battle, and are the basic guarantee for the execution of tasks. Humanized and multi-functional special police equipment is the key development of public security agencies in the future!
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