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What is an explosion-proof tank?

by:XinXing     2020-06-26
Explosive, refers to explosives, or suspicious, potentially dangerous objects, the tank refers to a container, that is, a container where suspicious and dangerous explosives can be placed, this is an explosion-proof tank. For the requirements of this explosion-proof tank, first, it can ensure that the combustibles and explosives in the explosion-proof tank can not harm the surrounding operators, and must be detonated under a safe condition; second, the explosion-proof tank must meet the national standards, third, The explosion-proof tank must also have a certain noise reduction function to protect the hearing of the surrounding operators. There are two types of explosion-proof tanks produced by Xinxing: single-layer and double-layer, all of which meet the requirements of the fixed explosion-proof tank with TNT explosion equivalent of 1.5kg in GA 871-2010 Explosion-proof Tank.
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