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What is anti-riot equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-06-22
What is explosion-proof equipment? Riot equipment, also known as police equipment, is an important category of security products, mainly used in security work. Maintain social order and create a civilized home. It plays an irreplaceable and important role in building a harmonious society. Role: Anti-riot equipment is a special anti-riot weapon used by anti-riot police or public security officers in the implementation of public security and anti-riot work, so as to effectively and quickly calm the riots, resolve emergencies that endanger public safety, maintain social public order, ensure social harmony and Safety. Use: Anti-riot equipment can reduce the harm to both parties under the circumstances of suppressing riots, compulsory disbandment of demonstrators and other riots, that is, to protect themselves while avoiding harm to each other. Whether it is for riot police or riot crowds, in order to reduce the occurrence of casualties, special tactics or queues can be used, equipped with complete riot equipment, to deal with unarmed or low-armed groups, so as to lower s damage.
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