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What is the anti-strike ability of the arm shield?

by:XinXing     2020-09-20
The arm shields produced by Xinxing police equipment are much smaller than the large shields used by ground armed police forces, weighing only about 2 kilograms. The impact resistance is very good. The shield body can withstand the puncture of 147J kinetic energy and can withstand the impact of the impact testing machine. The linear velocity of the impact point is 18m/s卤0.3m/s, and the impact energy is 342J卤13J; It will not be damaged even after hitting 5-6 times, and it can block the bullet that is not very fast. The shield body will not be broken after hitting, and there will be no cracks greater than 50mm in length. In addition, the tapered part on the front of the arm shield can also break the window for emergency rescue. In the dark environment, the arm shield also comes with a search function of strong light.

In the daily armed patrol work in the track area, two SWAT team members form the smallest combat unit, carrying arm shields and related single police equipment to carry out work. In the event of an emergency, the team members will quickly take out the arm shield in the opponent's backpack and wear it quickly .
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