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What is the bulletproof principle of body armor

by:XinXing     2020-06-20
Bulletproof vests, stab-resistant vests, riot helmets, riot helmets, riot shields, etc. are all police protective equipment. Xinxing mainly introduces the body armor and the bulletproof principle of body armor. Body armor is 'a kind of clothing that can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of bullets and fragments, prevent penetration, and effectively protect the protected parts of the human body.' From the use point of view, body armor can be divided into two types of police and military. From the perspective of materials, body armor can be divided into three types: soft, hard and soft-hard composites. There are basically two bulletproof principles for bulletproof vests: one is to eject the fragments formed by the fragmentation of the projectile; the other is to dissipate the kinetic energy of the bullet through bulletproof materials. Hardware body armor is to play bulletproof effect by popping the warhead or shrapnel, or breaking the bullet to consume and decompose its energy. The soft bulletproof vest with high performance fiber as the main bulletproof material, the bulletproof mechanism is mainly based on the latter, that is, the use of high-strength fiber as a raw material to 'grab' bullets or shrapnel to achieve bulletproof purposes. Each fiber not only plays a role in this layer of material but also interacts with other superimposed layers of bulletproof material. Large areas of the material will prevent the penetration of bullets. This also helps reduce the impact of non-penetrating forces (or 'blunt injuries') on internal organs.
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