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What is the development trend of explosion-proof clothing?

by:XinXing     2020-05-10
At present, explosion-proof clothing can realize the functions of flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-biological erosion, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-biochemical erosion, etc., but with the continuous change of the new high-risk environment, the protection requirements for explosion-proof clothing are also getting high. Explosion-proof clothing will have comprehensive development in terms of protective functions and materials, comfort of explosion-proof clothing, and intelligentization of explosion-proof clothing. In terms of protective performance and materials: In recent years, with the continuous development of military weapons and extreme climates, the protective performance of explosion-proof clothing will also be adapted to a greater hazardous environment, making workers more secure in high-risk environments. The high-performance fibers that are widely used in the defense military field and aerospace can be applied to the materials of explosion-proof clothing through the development of new technologies in order to achieve new protection functions. For example, through continuous research on fiber blending or interweaving of different properties, the performance characteristics of various high-performance fibers can be fully utilized to improve the comprehensive performance of explosion-proof clothing. In terms of the comfort of explosion-proof clothing: the comfort performance of explosion-proof clothing is related to the material's feel, composition, weight, breathability, moisture permeability and moisture insulation performance. With the development of technology, new processing technology and the incorporation of high-performance fibers, Explosion-proof clothing will be more comfortable, the weight of the material, breathability and moisture permeability and feel will be greatly optimized, at the same time, the temperature can be better adjusted, the temperature sensitivity is enhanced, and the fiber selection, fabric design and optimization are more strict Comprehensive consideration. Adopt computer intelligence to simulate the heat and moisture exchange between the 'human body-clothing-environment' system and the human body's comfort and flexibility. Intelligent application of explosion-proof clothing: With the continuous maturity of phase change materials, radio technology, and nanotechnology, explosion-proof clothing can be combined with computer systems to make it more intelligent. For example, adding a microelectronic system to a high-performance explosion-proof suit can provide real-time feedback on the environmental conditions of the wearer, thereby realizing self-adjustment. In addition to the electronic intelligent explosion-proof suit prepared by the combination of electronic technology and explosion-proof suit processing technology In addition to this protective function, it will also have health care and life safety protection functions. Make full use of smart fibers, such as the use of shape memory fiber deformation to avoid human burns; and the use of color-changing fibers to achieve camouflage.
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