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What is the difference between riot suit and

by:XinXing     2020-09-23
Many people think that riot suits and explosion-proof suits are the same item, and they will not pay attention to the word difference when searching and purchasing. Many merchants have also found this problem, so they will be vague when setting product keywords. In fact, although there is only one word difference, the two are completely different. I have talked about the effects of some anti-riot suits and the effects of anti-explosive suits. I believe you will understand a little bit after reading these two articles. So what is the essential difference between them? Today, XINXING police equipment will take you to understand:

Anti-riot suits are a type of police equipment used by police officers to protect against damage from external blows or other potential injuries (such as splashing with unknown corrosive chemical liquids such as sulfuric acid) when performing official duties, while anti-explosive suits refer to bomb disposal The protective equipment worn by soldiers to dismantle explosives is different from explosion-proof suits. They can only defend against blows, not explosions.

In real life, the scope of use of anti-riot suits is wider than that of explosion-proof suits. After all, anti-riot suits are only used when bomb disposal troops dismantle explosives, while anti-riot suits are protective equipment that all police officers are equipped with. The anti-riot suit is designed with high-strength coating materials and special plastics, which not only has good anti-hit performance, but also has no natural damage to human skin. In addition, the current riot suits have added adjustable multifunctional cowhide work bags, gas mask bags, and multifunctional hooks on the basis of the past, making the combat practicality of riot suits greatly improved.

Regardless of whether it is riot suits or explosion-proof suits, they all have different functions in real life, so everyone should buy them according to their actual needs.
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