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What is the implementation standard of anti-riot shields,

by:XinXing     2020-06-21
Anti-riot shields are used by law enforcement personnel to protect their own safety, so what standard of anti-riot shields can they fulfill in order to play a real protective role? Today Xinxing will answer the implementation standards of the anti-riot shield for you. Anti-riot shield implementation standards The national implementation standard for anti-riot shields is the 'GA422-2008 anti-riot shield' standard. Compared with the previous 'GA422-2003 anti-riot shield' standard, the technical requirements for puncture resistance were modified-withstand 147J kinetic energy puncture, puncture There should be no penetration holes or cracks outside the force point radius of 50mm at the force point of the back shield body; the technical requirements and test methods for impact strength have been increased, and Xinxing police riot shields are in compliance with the new riot shield implementation standard. Xinxing Police is a professional riot shield manufacturer. There are many manufacturers, but the quality and quantity are high, and the cost performance is high. Comparison will find that Xinxing Police is worthy of being a manufacturer of professional riot shields.
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