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What is the life span of the stab-resistant vest?

by:XinXing     2020-06-28
Does the stab-resistant vest have a limit of use period? Yes, the life span of the stab-resistant vest is generally 5 years. Of course, the stab-resistant vest is not food. If it is well preserved, it can be extended if the performance is ok. The life span of the stab-resistant vest is related to the following factors: 1. Wear frequency Wear it every day and wear it several times a year, the use period will definitely be different. 2. Wearable environment Rainy days, the sun, or harsh environments will have some impact in the long run. 3. Wear time Wearing for a long time, it faces many situations, and will also reduce the life span of the stab-resistant vest. 4. Wear when wearing There is a difference in the material between the autumn stab vest and the summer stab vest. The wear will also be different. For example, the cut-proof vest and the intact stab vest have different service life. The stab vest manufacturers can Provide repair and inspection services to help repair and inspect damaged stab-resistant vests. 5. Save after wearing You can lay it flat or hang it. Pay attention to dryness and ventilation. The liner and jacket can be removed, so the jacket is dirty. Just clean it. If the jacket or liner can be returned to the original factory for repair and replacement, the material fee is sufficient. The above 1-4 points are inestimable and unavoidable, so how can we extend the service life of the stab-resistant vest, then we need to rely on the fifth point, well preserved, you can extend the service life!
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