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What is the principle that bulletproof vest can

by:XinXing     2020-06-25
Body armor is 'a kind of clothing that can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of bullets and fragments, prevent penetration, and effectively protect the protected parts of the human body.' Body armor as a protective article, first of all, the core performance of body armor should be ballistic performance. At the same time, as a functional clothing, body armor should also have certain performance. The bulletproof performance of body armor is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: (1) Bulletproof vests Pistol and rifle bullets At present, many soft bulletproof vests can prevent pistol bullets, but to prevent rifle bullets or higher-energy bullets, ceramic or steel reinforced body bulletproof vests are required. (2) Bulletproof body armor bullets High-speed fragments generated by explosions such as bombs, mines, artillery shells and grenades are one of the main threats on the battlefield. According to investigations, the threats faced by soldiers in a battlefield are in the order of shrapnel, bullets, explosion shock wave and heat. Therefore, the bulletproof vest should place great emphasis on the function of bulletproof discs. (3) Bulletproof vests prevent non-penetrating damage. Bullets will produce a great impact after hitting the target. The impact of this impact on the human body is often fatal. This kind of injury does not show penetration, but it can cause internal injuries, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, the prevention of non-penetrating damage is also an important aspect of the bulletproof performance of bulletproof vests. The performance of body armor: On the one hand, the performance requirements of the bulletproof vest means that the bulletproof vest should be as light and comfortable as possible without affecting the bulletproof ability, and people can still flexibly perform various actions after wearing the bulletproof vest. On the other hand is the ability of body armor to adjust the micro-climate environment of the 'garment_human body' system. For body armor, it is hoped that after wearing the body armor, the human body can still maintain the basic heat-moisture exchange state of 'people_clothing', avoiding the accumulation of moisture on the inner surface of the body armor as much as possible to cause discomfort to the human body such as hot and humid Sense, reduce the consumption of physical energy. In addition, due to its special use environment, body armor should also consider the adaptability with other weapons and equipment.
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