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What is the value of body armor?

by:XinXing     2020-09-08
Body armor is a relatively special product. Except for the military, police, and security departments, if the other departments need to use the body armor, the relevant certification must be issued with the authorization of the above unit to purchase the body armor series products. What kind of magic power does the body armor have so many people rush to purchase it? The following are some key points organized by the editor:

1. Protection of human rights
Soldiers on the battlefield should be determined to die, but no one wants to die. They have the right to survive just like ordinary people, and no one wants to defend their soldiers from death. Bulletproof vests will give soldiers who defend their homes on the battlefield a hope of survival. This is the protection of the human rights of soldiers.

2. Comparison of past and present
China has always won successively in wars where the enemy is strong and we are weak, as in the past. But now that military technology is so advanced, the spirit of the past is certainly valuable, but without good protective equipment, bullets cannot be blocked, so body armor is the ultimate guarantee for soldiers' combat effectiveness.

3. Encourage the military
The main force of the current army is mostly the post-90s. If they were sacrificed on the battlefield, their parents and siblings could take care of them. Now most of them are only children. If they are swallowed up by the war, their parents are widows and loneliness. Bravery is just a cruel reality. We can't help but think that bulletproof vests provide an extra layer of protection for the lives of soldiers, which will reduce their worries and inspire soldiers.

4. Retain people's hearts
An army without the support of the people will not go far. If the people see their own army shed blood and sacrifice on the battlefield, the people will lose their hearts. The bulletproof vest not only saves the lives of the sergeants, but also keeps the people's hearts!

5. Realistic military threats
As the saying goes, people don’t offend me, I don’t offend people. Then I am not a criminal, will people really not come to me? Our country is now facing military threats from many neighboring countries, and the military of other countries is constantly becoming stronger. If we don't even have the most basic body armor, then how can we resist when another country comes in. We must know that the greatest power of nuclear weapons, as Mao Zedong said, the power of atomic bombs lies in their existence. After all, the Second Artillery Artillery Corps is not the ultimate key to winning a war. The victory or defeat of a battle on the road ultimately depends on the fighting of the land soldiers.
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