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What is the wearing part of the single police equipment?

by:XinXing     2020-09-30
Both formal police and co-policemen need to wear single police equipment when they are on duty. The Ministry of Public Security stipulates 15 basic equipment:

Required single police equipment includes: police uniform, batons, handcuffs, tear gas jets, bright flashlights, police standard knives, police water bottles, first aid kits, anti-cut gloves, and multifunctional belts, etc.; optional single police equipment includes: guns , Walkie-talkie, police pass, stab-resistant clothing and police equipment kits.

The difference between the official police and the auxiliary police equipment is that the auxiliary police will not issue guns, so what part of the body is the most convenient to wear so many equipment? The following Anhua police equipment will take everyone to understand:

The handcuffs are worn on the back waist, the baton and the pistol are worn on the left and right sides respectively, the magazine and the tear gas jet are worn in the anterior position of the left and right abdomen, police water bottle and first aid kit (or more Function package) are worn in the left and right back waist positions respectively. After the strong light flashlight is worn on the left side baton, after the demotion is worn on the left side as the strong light flashlight, if the revolver is worn, it will quickly load the bullet It is worn on the front of the right abdomen, while the tear gas jet is worn on the front of the left abdomen.
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