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What kind of police equipment is usually used

by:XinXing     2020-05-07
Anti-stab suits are necessary equipment for duty personnel to deal with violent incidents, which can have a guarantee effect on their own safety. So how much is the effect of simply wearing an anti-stab suit on your own safety? How confident is it to subdue the gangster? What kind of police equipment is usually used with stab-resistant clothing to maximize protection? The following XINXING police equipment will introduce you to several must-have equipment: 1. Tear sprayer: police officers can wear it when they are on duty, only 80 grams, but the spray will only be effective when it reaches a close range And it can spray continuously for fifteen seconds. This can not only deal with a single person but also a group, and will not cause harm to the lives of others. Second, the police standard knife: it can be put in the stab-resistant clothing, it is more practical, not only can be used for squeak protection, but also can remove obstacles and so on. 3. Anti-cut gloves: It is made of high-strength fiber and metal wire blended materials, which can effectively resist and add a layer of security for your own safety. When dealing with violent incidents, on-duty personnel can only increase the safety factor with a full set of protective equipment and minimize the risk! The above are some of the police equipment that we think should be used with anti-stab suits. If you have any other suggestions, you can contact us!
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