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What's the difference between army combat boots

by:XinXing     2020-03-28
Combat boots are a type of military product. Each pound of weight and each piece of material on the military boots are designed and used according to the requirements of the battlefield as a starting point; and after many years of development, the technology of military boots has been very It is mature and increasingly targeted in combat environments. In fact, in terms of applicability and comfort, SWAT boots are more suitable for daily wear than military boots, because SWAT's main activities and combat areas are mostly in cities, and SWAT boots are designed for this environment. Unlike the Panamanian tooth soles, which focus on climbing, gripping the ground, and the flexibility of the mud, police boots are mostly made of soft materials and have finer textures. They are not only silent, but also non-slip. It is far higher in sex than jungle boots and desert boots. In addition, because the environment of the special police task is far less harsh than the military, and the purchase volume is much less than military boots, and the cost requirements are not as high as military boots, many police boots have a sponge lining to increase comfort, and the boot uppers are not like Military boots are so close, the purpose is to protect the ankle while ensuring maximum flexibility, so that SWAT team members can comfortably make tactical actions such as kneeling and squatting. In addition, many special police tasks are sudden, so the convenience of wearing is also considered in the design considerations. Many police boots are equipped with zipper on the side.
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