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What should be paid attention to when the single

by:XinXing     2020-09-25
Police equipment is an indispensable basic condition for the public security police to defeat the enemy. It directly affects the work effectiveness of the grassroots frontline police, and even the life safety of the police. Single police equipment is the necessary equipment for the police every time they are on duty. There are many types. What should we pay attention to in terms of equipment and use?

1. Practicality: Due to funding problems, the equipment provided by the grassroots units and units may not be so good, but we can't blindly 'wait, rely, and demand'. This can only appear passive or develop inertia. We must actively think of a way, and the final equipment can be effective as long as it is practical and legal.

2. Proficiency: That is, proficient in using police equipment. Every police officer must fully understand the performance, structure, use requirements, and technical parameters of the equipment issued. At the same time, on the basis of understanding the equipment, strict training must be carried out to master the use of equipment, so that it can be used freely in actual combat.

3. Rights protection: In recent years, Minqin has been insulted and beaten frequently during his duty. While using equipment to ensure the safety of the people, the police must also protect and safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests. In a situation where it is difficult to obtain evidence for legitimate law enforcement and defend rights, the purchase of necessary audio and video equipment and other evidence collection equipment can further regulate the police's law enforcement behavior, and obtain evidence of criminals infringing on the police's legitimate law enforcement rights in a timely and objective manner for follow-up The investigation and rights protection work provides strong evidence.
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