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What should I pay attention to when using riot helmets?

by:XinXing     2020-09-21
Riot helmets are indispensable equipment for armed police officers and soldiers in handling emergencies, mass violence incidents, large-scale event security and other operations. It forms riot armor with riot suits and riot shields to protect the personal safety of law enforcement personnel and reduce the risk factor. . So what should you pay attention to when using riot helmets? The following will be explained by XINXING police equipment:

First of all, we must understand that the use of riot helmets is very rigorous. It must be worn tightly during use. Before use, check whether the waterproof rubber strip and the forehead of the shell maintain a good fit. The person who uses it must According to your head type and size, find a riot helmet suitable for you to use. When using it, you must first tilt the riot helmet forward, lift the lens of the mask, and then pull it with your fingers, wear it on both sides, and then pull it to the sides Open to expand the opening, tilt the anti-riot helmet forward, put the forehead of the head into the anti-riot helmet first, and then pull it down to bring the anti-riot helmet fully in.

Furthermore, if there is a major impact on the riot helmet during use, it should be stopped immediately and sent to the factory for identification to see if it can continue to be used. The riot helmet itself cannot be smeared or cleaned with corrosive solvents, because it will destroy the strength of the riot helmet!
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