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What tests need to be carried out before the anti-riot

by:XinXing     2020-09-30
Riot clothing is a kind of clothing that can effectively resist damage from foreign objects and has certain flame retardancy. There are two types of riot suits, one is the basic type and the other is the simple type. Each riot suit is named, mainly composed of four parts: product name code, classification code, company code, product model code. In order to ensure that the riot suit is qualified, the following tests need to be performed on the riot suit:

1. Visual inspection
Visually inspect the appearance of the riot gear. There must be a clear and permanent product mark on the riot gear, without damage, open lines, etc.
2. Quality inspection
Use an electronic scale with an accuracy of 0.01KG to weigh out the mass of the riot gear outside the helmet and other accessories. The simple type should be less than 6.5KG, and the basic type should be less than 8.5KG.
3. Wearing flexibility test
Wearing riot suits can do different actions without obvious blocking.
4. Protection area inspection
Use a standard measuring tool to measure the spread area of ​​the effective protective parts of each part of the riot suit to meet the requirements.
5. Structural connection strength inspection
①The fastening strength of Velcro
The velcro of different specifications shall be inspected to meet the relevant requirements.
②The connection strength of the buckle
Use a tensile testing machine to test different specifications of buckles, and the required speed is 100mm/min to meet the requirements.
③Strength of the connecting belt
Use a tensile testing machine to test different specifications of connecting belts, and the speed is required to meet the requirements under the condition of 100mm/min.
6. Impact resistance test
Lay the riot suit flat on the ground and hit the riot suit with a spherical steel column in a free fall. The result must meet the relevant requirements.
7. Test of energy absorption performance
8. Anti-stab performance test
9. Climate and environmental adaptability test
10. Flame retardant test
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