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Which one is better, special police or special forces?

by:XinXing     2020-09-16
Special police and special forces are special arms that perform special tasks, and they all serve the peace and tranquility of our country. Although they are both special, there are still big differences between these two types of arms. The following Anhua police equipment will lead you to understand:
Special forces are special arms in the armed forces of some countries that are responsible for attacking the enemy's important political, economic, and military objectives and performing other special tasks. There are special forces of this kind in many countries in the world. Our special forces have gradually formed teams and started training in the 20th century. After a long period of training, they have become very mature.
Special forces
Special police tend to be the police, carry out some domestic counter-terrorism and deal with domestic riots, and participate in the defense and duty of national leaders and special persons. Protect people's personal and property safety from infringement. Their training is emergency response and anti-terrorism and explosion prevention, accepting the use of live firearms and fighting violent terrorists.
Viewed in this way, special forces are facing foreign hostile forces and foreign aggressors, facing the enemy, and solving the contradiction between the enemy and the country. The special police are facing domestic riots and reactionary forces, and their main task is to protect the lives and property of our people. The nature of the objects of the confrontation between the two is completely different, and the handling methods are also completely different.
The omnipotent development and training of special forces requires not only the ability to survive and fight in the wild, but also the ability to deal with and deal with foreign special forces. The tasks they face are more dangerous, so their strength and combat effectiveness are even better!
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