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Who to watch for in the US Army All-American Football

by:XinXing     2020-10-01

The great high school all-American game of the year happens Jan 9th. at noon when at least six future Horns take part in the US Army All-American Bowl, covered by NBC. No expected new commits for Texas at the game but it will be a chance for fans to see a bunch of future Longhorns compete against top notch talent. The 10th Army All-American Bowl kicks off at 1pm in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas today representing one of the last college football fixes until the Spring games come around.

The most interesting commits to watch may be quarterback Connor Wood and running back Traylon Shead. In these wide open all-star games the quarterback (QB) and running back (RB) are two of the spots to see the best reflection of a players actual capabilties. Today will be a great chance to see what Shead, one of the most prolific running backs in the history of Texas high school football, from tiny Cayuga can do against the country's best.

On the defensive side of the ball keep an eye out for defensive end Reggie Wilson and linebacker Tevin Jackson. Both players are superb athletes who can dance around the football field. With the higher number of passes in the game plans there will be lots of chances for Wilson to get after the quarterback.

Although only five Buckeye targets are playing in the US Army All-American Bowl, or six if Norwell is included, two of them plan to announce where they will be taking their extraordinary talents for the next few years or more.

The first defensive back Latwan Anderson from Glenville is considered to be the 18th best prospect nationally, rated by Rivals. Ginn Sr's kids used to be Buckeye by default, but Cordale Scott and others have been bucking the trend lately. People are saying Anderson is going to Morgantown.

Meanwhile, Sharrif Floyd, the nation's top defensive tackle prospect has been dropping clues all week. A five star defensive tackle at 6-foot-3, 310 pounds that would have helped against Alabama's massive Crimson Line. Floyd is down to the Florida Gators and Ohio State. That's what the hometown press in Philadelphia think, but at this point, it's anybody's guess with the guy that wants to surprise people. Also in consideration are: NC, SC, Penn State, Mount Union. These type of decisions make the US Army All-American Bowl one of the most exciting football games to watch starring younger players.

The nation's best recruit, offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson, will be playing for the West, but isn't expected to make a decision in the near future. Petey who was for a long time thought to be narrowed down to USC and Ohio State is heading to Seattle. Most say this is great news.

St. X's Matt James and Glennville's Christian Bryant, both who remain undecided, can also find their way onto the 2010 class, depending on how things go in the All-American football game.

Matt Elam, the DB/RB is far from the best player in this game, but is perceived to be the best Florida high school player. After a verbal to Florida, verbal to FSU, Elam will do the ugly hat roulette with a Georgia hat thrown in for fun. Despite stories about what he said earlier this week, Elam will have some camera time to decide during the game.

Ronald Powell, the defensive end from California is choosing between two teams with coaching staffs in transition; Florida and USC. Unlike Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer does not appear to be going anywhere else for a while. Florida is seen as the probable choice here.

If you haven't seen the game, go watch it online! Just search youtube for the US Army All-American Football Game 2010

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