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Why are explosion-proof balls widely used in domestic

by:XinXing     2020-09-05
A black spherical jar with a diameter of about one meter appeared beside the security check of domestic subways and its substations. This is one of the commonly used explosion-proof tools in subway stations. The explosion-proof ball can reach 2.5 kg of TNT. At present, some domestic subway stations have been equipped with more than one explosion-proof ball, replacing the explosion-proof barrels previously only equipped in major subway stations.

   It is understood that the Public Security Department issued in 2016 the 'Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Annual Evaluation of Urban Public Transport Security Work', clearly requiring that subway stations be equipped with explosion-proof tanks and other necessary protective and explosion-proof equipment. Therefore, the local public security department of the subway has deployed the necessary protective and explosion-proof equipment such as explosion-proof balls and explosion-proof barrels in the subway station according to the requirements for the early emergency treatment when explosive-related items are found.

Explosion-proof ball

Explosion-proof balls are generally placed near the security check station. When an explosive-related item is found during the security check, the security checker can notify the subway public security personnel through a one-button alarm device, and then the subway public security will rush to the scene immediately and handle it together with the subway staff For explosives, put the explosives into the explosion-proof ball.

After operating the explosion-proof ball to close the cover, although it cannot prevent the explosion, the explosion-proof ball can effectively prevent the shock wave and explosion fragments caused by the explosion. The explosion-proof ball placed in the Shenyang subway can effectively prevent the 2.5 kg TNT explosion site. The impact.
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