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Why doesn't China distribute night vision to the troops

by:XinXing     2020-05-19
As a kind of night combat equipment, night vision equipment can play an important role in enhancing the combat effectiveness of soldiers at night. However, China, which is advancing on the road of modernization of the military, has few troops equipped with night vision devices for soldiers. So what is going on? First introduce the night vision device and its function. The night vision device is a night sighting tool that uses an intensifier as the core component. Its working principle is to use the light reflected by the target under weak light to form an image to observe and lock the target. At present, night vision devices are mostly infrared night vision devices, which are divided into active and passive types. The former relies on infrared searchlights to lock the target, and the latter relies on its own infrared radiation to form a 'thermal image' to lock the target. The reason why night vision is very important is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: one, night search, observation, driving vehicles. If one of the two warring parties is equipped with night vision equipment, then this side will have an advantage in night combat and the possibility of victory will be greater. 2. Provide cover for night operations. At night, because the light is particularly weak, combat is greatly restricted. Before the emergence of night vision devices, the air force generally dropped flares and other bombs with enhanced light in the combat area to provide cover for night operations. However, there are many restrictions on the deployment of the Air Force, so it was difficult to fight at night before that. The emergence of night vision devices solves this problem well, making it possible for all-weather operations. Since night vision is so important, why is the Chinese military not equipped with night vision? There are mainly the following reasons: First, the demand for troops is not strong. If the troops are not equipped with night vision, it will not have much impact on combat effectiveness. 2. Withdraw funds for research and development of major powers. Although China has accumulated a certain amount of wealth after nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, there are currently about 2 million active troops of the Chinese People ’s Liberation Army. If every soldier is equipped with night vision, it will inevitably increase the cost greatly. The funds of the device will be reduced accordingly. For the above two reasons, the Chinese army is not equipped with night vision. The night vision device is not a kind of weaponry that can represent the world's first-class level, and the improvement of combat effectiveness of the mounted troops is relatively limited. But this does not mean that the Chinese military does not need night vision devices. Once an emergency occurs, as long as the emergency mobilization to produce China can equip first-line troops with night vision devices in a short time.
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