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Why doesn't the Chinese army change combat boots?

by:XinXing     2020-03-23
Rubber shoes are similar to sports shoes in that they are comfortable to wear and much cheaper than leather boots. Another advantage is that walking is light and quiet, and it is very suitable for training. E.g: A new generation of Jiefang shoes―99 type training shoes. The 99 training shoes were developed by the Military Academy of Military Equipment. The shoe design absorbs the characteristics of travel shoes and sports shoes and enhances the protection of the ankles and insteps. Compared with the liberation shoes, the 99 antibacterial and deodorant training shoes have also been improved a lot, suitable for military high-intensity combat training wear. According to soldier fighters, this kind of shoes is particularly lightweight, thicker soles are much better than old-fashioned liberation shoes, and their grip is extremely strong. Forces have been deployed on a large scale. However, although this shoe has greatly improved than the liberation shoes, but he is a rubber shoe after all, and it cannot be compared with the real combat boots. For example, 99 training shoes are not waterproof, they are easily penetrated by water, and wet socks and feet. In addition, it is an indisputable fact that a large number of the 99 low-waist training shoes of the army are easily stomped. However, starting in August 2007, our army began to equip marine boots. At present, the Chinese garrison in Hong Kong is equipped with 97 type combat boots. The boots are made of waterproof cowhide and flame-resistant waterproof canvas. In addition, the interlayer of the sole is also equipped with an aramid fiber puncture-resistant layer, which has puncture resistance. In addition, airborne forces and some Army reconnaissance units are also equipped with professional combat boots, but plans for large-scale combat boots are still under discussion.
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