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Why is the anti-riot suit the necessary equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-18
Anti-riot suits are widely used in the usual anti-riot management of public security armed police and large-scale riots. It can be described as one of the personal safety guarantees of public security armed police personnel. How can anti-riot suits have such a great effect, let me explain in detail below:

1. In terms of material, the anti-riot suit is made of high-strength coated fabrics and special plastics. It is very convenient to wear, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and will not endanger personal safety.

2. The anti-riot suit has strong resistance to high and low temperature, the highest is +55掳 and the lowest is 20掳, and it has strong puncture resistance and anti-shock ability.

3. The front chest and back of the anti-riot suit have a ventilated suspension system design on the thighs, but there are also settings for the lower legs and arms.

4. The anti-riot suit has a good anti-stab function, which can prevent the enemy's blade from passing through the protective layer.

5. On the premise of anti-riot foundation, enhanced debugging and protective capsules, with buckles on the front chest and vertebral guard, this design is mainly convenient to go to the bathroom and has practical characteristics.
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