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Why should modern body armor materials be changed

by:XinXing     2020-03-18

Everyone knows that bulletproof vests are extremely important for soldiers on the battlefield. Although it is not possible to completely avoid injuries when facing bullets, the effect is still significant in the face of stray bullets. 

With the advancement of technology, modern bulletproof Not only has the style changed, but the material has also been changed to ceramics. The previous bulletproof vest consisted mainly of a steel plate. Although it could block bullets, wearing it on soldiers was a hindrance to the execution of the action. After changing the material to ceramics, there have been many improvements in this regard. Of course, the ceramics mentioned here are not what we see in daily life. The ceramics used in bulletproof clothing are mixed with Kevlar bulletproof fibers, which is flexible. Quite good, the effect is not worse than steel. The main thing is that this body armor is exceptionally light on the body, and it feels completely different from the steel body armor. When the soldiers went into battle with all their hearts, they couldn't feel the importance of the body armor, so when the ceramic body armor was born, it was loved and welcomed by many soldiers. what do you think about this matter?                                

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